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Dare We Dream?

Nah, just kidding. But it was fun for a night. I honestly don't remember seeing an ump with a tighter strike zone. For both sides. I'm not saying that Gaudin was good because he wasn't, but man, that strike zone was miniscule. Gaudin was obviously having a lot of issues. Suzuki would call for a pitch inside and it would inevitably wind up outside. And vice versa. It happened all night. Even the calls that Gaudin was getting strike calls on weren't where Suzuki wanted them.

Speaking of Suzuki, I LOVED the drag bunt down the third base line for a hit tonight that helped lead to Piazza's three-run bomb. That's something that seemed to be rarely executed successfully around these parts the past few years. He also had a nice double.

As for Ellis, he was a monster tonight, hitting two bombs and nearly hitting a third. Pretty much everyone except Cust and Crosby got in on the act tonight. I guess that's something that happens when an ump happens to force the opposition to go right down the middle with the ball in order to get a strike.

It was really good to see Street get back in the game and kudos to Calero for coming through huge in the fourth inning and stopping the inning that could've easily made it a game. Thanks to Guerrero and Anderson who kind of helped Gaudin in that inning as well. I thought for sure that Guerrero was going to come through because that's the way it has been going for our Athletics lately.

All in all, a great night despite giving up six runs. It always feels good to beat those guys and even better to take Shrek down early.