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Same Old Story, Same Old Song

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The A’s, backed by a gem of a pitching performance by [insert A’s starting pitcher here], failed once again to score any runs against this year’s Cy Young candidate [insert every opposing pitcher except Barry Zito here].

Baseball shouldn’t be like this. We shouldn’t be arguing whether or not Bobby Crosby should have thrown to third in an effort to stop one run from scoring. We shouldn’t have to debate the bullpen management in an effort to preserve the one run deficit. We can argue why Piazza didn’t get an at-bat against the leftie, we can nit-pick the two-hit game to death. But the story is the same.

Our offense sucks, plain and simple. There is no other reason; no other blame to be assigned. It is extremely difficult to be as bad of a team as the A’s are and still have the lowest ERA in the American League, yet somehow the A’s are managing this, and it’s because they have the worst offense I can ever remember seeing. If they had the Royals offense, they’d be winning games; if they had the Yankees’ offense, they’d be leading the majors.

And I’m about ready to trade the pitching for some offense. Call me crazy, but I’d rather watch the A’s lose 10-9 than 2-0. At least I wouldn’t feel like the game is over when the pitching staff allows one run.

For the first time in many years, I am thoroughly, utterly disgusted by this team (pitching excepted). They are boring to watch; they have zero life in them, and they flat-out cannot hit the baseball, and I am fairly unapologetic in saying so.

I’d love to have a silver lining to fall back on, but I don’t right now. Yes, they got out-pitched (and not by much), but the problem is; it’s happening almost every single night.

The A’s now face the Angels and the Mariners this week, and if they are going to salvage any kind of a respectable season, this is the week to do it. I’m not holding much hope, but it’s baseball. Stranger things have happened.