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Open Thread: Game 97 - A's vs. Orioles

Well, the last anyone heard from Nick Swisher, he was threatening to bite King Arthur's legs off.

Chavvy Baseball, though, is <ahem> back in the lineup.

And we finally get to see the dreaded Cust-Piazza tandem.

Dan Haren looks to recover his form from his last string of shaky starts.

Baltimore turns to Mesozoic Steve Trachsel, the guy who should be left-handed, given his age and franchise-hopping history.

Tick ... tick ... tick ...


Roberts 2b
Patterson cf
Markakis rf
Millar 1b
Huff 3b
Payton lf
Gibbons dh
Gomez ss
Bako c


Buck lf
Ellis 2b
Cust rf
Piazza dh
Chavez 3b
Johnson 1b
Kotsay cf
Crosby ss
Suzuki c