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4 Score! And 7 Years Ago, The A's Last Won A Baseball Game

Perhaps the ultimate embarrassment came just a few minutes ago, when Mike Piazza requested to extend his stay in Stockton because he feels he needs a higher level of competition. OK, that didn’t happen but everything else did, such as:

• The A’s scored 4 runs in a game for the first time in 12 games—and they lost by 7 runs.

• The only time Joe Kennedy could find the plate was when he was trying to throw to third base.

And so on. But whether it was A’s pitchers giving up runs all 3 innings after the A’s had scored, or Suzuki unable to throw out a base stealer on a pitchout, or Crosby unable to handle a one-hopper to SS, or giving up triples to Vazquez, sacrifice flies to short RF, and a 5/5 to Michael Young, there is a bottom, bottom line and that is that the A’s tonight were not futile, they were utterly embarrassing.

And lifeless. I couldn’t help but note Chavez’ interview comment, aired at the start of the broadcast, about how Ron Washington brought tremendous energy and life to the field every day. I thought about how the A’s lost Wash in the off-season, then lost Milton Bradley three weeks ago, and now no longer seem to be able to show any life or win any baseball games. I’m not sure there’s any connection, I’m really not. I just know that the A’s look so bad, and so lifeless, right now that I can’t find words that could adequately convey how bad things have gotten in Oakland. Which is why I’m going to bed. G’nite.