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Open Thread: Game 94 - A's vs. Rangers

Jason Kendall’s first at bat in Wrigley Field, he hit a fly ball to left and it was funny to hear the fans initially go nuts until they realized it was a routine fly ball to shallow left. Ah, Cubs fans have so much to learn!

OK, the A’s have not won a game since July 5th and enough is enough. Chad Gaudin takes the ball tonight against Robinson Tejeda, and I’m flat out calling a win. In fact, if the A’s don’t win tonight I promise to prance around outside grover’s house wearing nothing but a Neifi Perez jersey. (Of course that’s not really much of a dare since I might do it anyway if the A’s do win.)

The starting lineups:

Lofton – CF
Young – SS
Teixeira – 1B
Sosa – DH
Byrd – RF
Catalanotto – LF
Laird – C
Vazquez – 3B
Hairston – 2B

Buck – RF
Stewart – LF
Cust – DH
Johnson – 1B
Dead Parrot – SS
Kotsay – CF
Ellis – 2B
Scutaro – 3B
Suzuki – C