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Kendall Traded to the Cubs!

I'm watching the Cubs/Giants game on ESPN and they just announced that the Cubs have traded for Jason Kendall for catcher Rob Bowen and minor league lefty Jerry Blevins.

The official AN whipping boy is an Oakland Athletic no longer. Um, not really sure why the Cubbies want Kendall except for the fact that he apparently loves hitting in Houston and he probably won't take a swipe at a starting pitcher.

More to come on this deal...I'm going to take a closer look at the players the A's got in return, particularly Blevins.

Jason, I never hated you, how could I hate someone who would put his face in front of some jagged cleats to win a game? I just got tired of watching you hit. The Kendall era in Oakland is officially over and the Suzuki era has officially begun.