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Crossing the River

The A's have always stunk in the Metrodome. But swept in a four-game series? Then again, the team has now lost seven in a row and is now 3-9 in July. And it is now 7-19 since June 15.

If you'd like to complain about the composition of the team or the players or that bastard Larry David (yeah, the Seinfeld guy apparently had something to do with the A's issues this year), there are now places to do it.

These are most definitely the times that try A's fans souls. I can't remember ever feeling so down in July. I guess it goes to show how spoiled I've been as an A's fan over the years. Still, if we're reaching for reasons to continue paying attention, it should at least make the trading deadline pretty interesting. I know Billy Beane is fond of saying that he's a buyer and a seller, but there's no question that unless the A's do something miraculous like win 12 out of the next 14, this team will be probably shipping off some contracts to try and get better for 2008. For the first time since I started Athletics Nation, I don't really know what to say anymore. We've pretty much beaten the Crosby/Chavez/Kendall/Injuries issues like a dead horse.

Even the highlight players of the 2007 are becoming uninteresting. Cust is now hitting .179 in July and a paltry .319 OBP. Casilla hasn't been the ridiculously dominant force he was, letting a game or two slip away. Gaudin has a 5.40 ERA in July. And even the previously untouchable Oh Danny Boy has a 5.09 ERA in July. All my favorite toys are suddenly broken.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty down today. Riding the train to the cellar will do that for someone. I'm taking a long, slow boat ride with Charon across the river Acheron right now. And it isn't very fun.

By the way, Nick Swisher is holding a charity event for a good cause. It's open to anyone and tickets are $65 to get in (you can buy them at Swisher's site). Huston Street, Travis Buck, Chad Gaudin and Joe Blanton are all scheduled to be there. It's at the Pyramid Alehouse in Berkeley from 6:30-9:30 p.m. The event will launch Swish's Wishes, a new charity designed to help children in need. Our very own Nico will be attending this upcoming Wednesday. Go and tell Nick to grow the hair back. Maybe the power will return.