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Was There Something You Wanted Me To Say?

Well, I guess we can talk about why Kendall is still playing every day. I guess we could also talk about how awful the A's look at almost every at-bat. I guess we can simply say that if your offense can't score more than 3 runs a game, you're not going to win a lot of games. I guess we could also say that after Buck's miracle hit to put the A's ahead, it seems like the battery would be careful with any 3-2 pitches to opposing batters. We could also talk about how if you want the game to continue, it's usually customary to use your best pitchers first, and then in descending order to your worst. I'm not sure how Kennedy drew the 9th inning instead of the 14th, but it doesn't matter.

Pick any angle you want, and the outcome is the same: This team is NOT good. Getting swept in a 4-game series after the All-Star Break to run your total losing streak to 7 is about the worst possible thing to happen to a team right now.

But worst of all, this team is not fun; there is very little to cheer about, and the team is trying its best to make sure that the one bright spot; Danny Haren's run to the Cy, is as difficult as possible. You hate to give up in July, but the A's are giving us precious few reasons to stay in it for the season.