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Open Thread: Game 91 - A's at Minnesota

Buck up, little camper! We'll beat those Twins together.

OK, so the Twins aren't exactly the Roy Stalins of the baseball world (Yankees, Angels).

They're more like the Howard Cosell-inspired drag race opponents: a small test against whom we must prevail to recover our self-confidence before we attack the K2, dude.

Buck is activated off the DL, and gets the start leading off in LF. Furmaniak makes the requisite futile trudge back to Sacto. No word on whether Charles De Mar is to receive a suspension for testing positive for Reddi-Wip.

Pitching for the A's, Icin' Joe Blanton. For the Twins, Carlos Silva.

Swisher and DJ are the only A's batters with halfway-decent career numbers vs Silva. We'll see if the A's have any carryover from last night's 9th-inning awakening.



Buck LF
Swisher RF
Cust DH
Chavez 3B
Johnson 1B
Ellis 2B
Kotsay CF
Crosby SS
Suzuki C


Castillo 2B
Bartlett SS
Mauer C
Cuddyer RF
Morneau DH
Hunter CF
Jones 1B
Tyner LF
Punto 3B