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Open Thread: Game 90 - A's at Minnesota

Tonight would be a great night for Lenny DiNardo not to give up 7 straight hits or to muff too many comebackers, because he is David to the Twins’ Goliath, Johan Santana, whose recent post All-Star Break record of 458-2 is impressive. (See, now when I say 40-4 it doesn’t sound all that great.) Yes the margin for error, she is thinner than Cindi’s friend Shelli on one of her famous “half a lettuce leaf for lunch, save the other half for dinner” diets.

While Mark Kotsay undoubtedly pouts in the corner of the dugout, Bobby Kielty gets the OF start against the lefty Santana, and Swisher bats cleanup. The starting lineups:

Stewart – LF
Kielty – RF
Cust – DH
Swisher – CF
Chavez – 3B
Johnson – 1B
Ellis – 2B
Crosby – SS
Kendall – C

Castillo – 2B
Bartlett – SS
Mauer – C
Cudd-eye-hit-the-A’s-any-better? – RF
Morneau – 1B
Hunter – CF
Kubel – LF
Cirillo – DH
Punto – 3B