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AL 5, NL 4, Ichiro Very Fast

The “new thread” was just like my love life—I couldn’t quite get it up fast enough. J.J. Putz and K-Rod pulled what is known in some circles as a “Koch,” and in other circles as a “Wickman,” going to the brink of disaster before getting the job done.

Ichiro hit the first inside the park HR in All-Star Game history, but what was more noteworthy was that it looked like if there were five bases he still would have made it. Standing up.

As All-Star games go, I thought this was a good one. Haren wasn’t terrific—he looked nervous in the first inning—but he still did Oakland proud. Discuss, and we’ll see you at the Metrodome on Thursday for the A’s favorite part of the season: The SeCoNd HaLf!!!!!