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Open Thread: Game 81 - A's at Yankees

Danny Haren takes the mound against Andy Pettitte, as the A's try to make this only the road trip from Heck. Haren will be trying to reprise his getaway-day savior act at Minnesota last year, or perhaps he's trying to reprise his gem at Yankee Stadium last year. So many good memories of Haren coming up big (remind me, why was he only slated to start once in the ALCS?).

The A's need to get hot and they need to get hot now. Perhaps Jason Kendall's HR signals the A's are about to start playing .800 ball for a while. That's often the case...I know, talk about a small sample...

Today's starting lineups show that you should never assume where you'll see Jason Kendall in the batting order or where you'll see Jack Cust. Be very afraid:

Stewart - LF
Ellis - 2B
Cust - RF
Chavez - 3B
Johnson - 1B
Crosby - SS
Kendall - C
Kotsay - CF
Suzuki - DH

Damon - DH
Jeter -SS
Cano - 2B
Rodriguez - 3B
Posada - C
Matsui - LF
Abreu - RF
Phillips - 1B
Cabrera - CF