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Open Thread: Game 61 - A's at Giants

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Can we trade Donnie Murphy to the Giants before the game begins?

The second game of this round of the Bay Bridge Series features some truly entertaining storylines:

  • The pitching matchup of 2-Phyne 'N' Da Zone vs Hairy-D
  • The Kotsay-Kendall Mendoza Limbo
  • Barry Zito holding a piece of wood that doesn't have strings
  • Travis Buck following up his first ML 4-hit day
  • Bochy and Sabean rooting through their sock drawers and couch cushions for spare catchers
  • The return of Giants savior Mel Ott Dave Roberts to the lineup
  • The return of KenKo to the broadcast booth



Buck LF
Big Daddy Unicorn 2B
Swisher RF
Chavez 3B
Johnson 1B
Crosby SS
Kotsay CF
Kendall C
Haren P

San Francisco

Roberts CF
Winn RF
Klesko 1B
Bonds LF
Durham 2B
Molina C
Feliz 3B
Vizquel SS
Zito P