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Open Thread: Game 60 - A's at Gigantes

From afar it may look like a matchup of Jeremy Bonderman vs. Roy Oswalt, but in fact's it's Chad Gaudin vs. Tim Lincecum. Hopefully the A's will handle their first look at this Giants' phenom better than they handled their first look at Matt Cain--when Cain fired a one-hit shutout.

Speaking of one-hit shutouts, the A's offense is fresh off of one. The bad news is that once again their efforts to score will come sans Milton Bradley, who was placed on the 15-day DL today with a strained baby cow. The good news is that by the time the A's actually place someone on the 15-day DL, he is almost eligible to come back! Wheeeee! Like I'm waiting up for Milton Bradley.

Tonight's starting lineups:

Buck - LF
Ellis - 2B
Swisher - RF
Chavez - 3B
Johnson - 1B
Crosby - SS
Kotsay - CF
Kendall - C
Gaudin - P (I know, he should be batting 8th)

Winn - CF
Lewis - RF
Klesko - 1B
Bonds - LF
Durham - 2B
Molina - C
Feliz - 3B
Vizquel - SS
Lincecum - P