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Warning: Don't Mess Up And Root Incorrectly!

The debate rages on: Should A's fans focus on the Wild Card or is it too early to give up on the division? Folks, the debate, even though it arises every year with some team's fan base, is nonsensical. How do you "go for one" and not the other, or "concede" one but not the other. Here's the way it works:

The best way to try to win the division is to win as many games as possible. In the event you ultimately cannot catch the team in your own division, this also happens to be the best way to try to win the Wild Card. Teams that aren't yours will determine whether the standard to win the division or the Wild Card is higher. Right now, the A's trail the Tigers by 3 for the Wild Card and trail the Angels by 6 for the division. Meanwhile, the Angels appear to be better than Detroit, suggesting the A's might be able to win the Wild Card without winning the division--in which case they would have "two to make one" to make the playoffs: a primary goal and a fallback.

But how would you officially "give up on the division race" anyway? It's not as if you have the option of gaining 2 games in the Wild Card race if you formally concede the division. And it's not like you might cost your team a playoff berth if you root for the wrong team when the Angels play the Tigers. The A's may or may not be able to catch the Angels this year; if the Angels pull away, the A's may or may not have a chance to be the "best of the rest". The only ammunition the A's have is winning and the only ammunition the fans have is hope. For once, it really it that simple. Go A's.

A's and Giants tonight at 7:15pm with...(wait for the injury)...pitchers batting. Gaudin vs. Lincecum--should be a good one.