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You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Just about the only thing that comes to mind is Tony's sig line: "I'll try not to swear."

Unlike many recent games, the A's much-maligned offense managed to score just enough to win today's ballgame. Early in the contest, every Cleveland run would seemingly be answered by a bomb from the A's. A first inning run? No problem. Jack Cust will hit a home run and tie this thing up. Two runs in the third for the Tribe? Ellis will cover you with a two run homer to again tie it up. Not an issue.

Then the A's actually took the lead and extended it with more help from Ellis, who had four hits, and a 9th inning would-be insurance run in the form of a Stewart shot, off the bat. The homer, his fifth, extended his hot streak, giving him three hits on the day, and pushing his average above .280.

And for a while, it seemed like our pitching was going to close the door. Haren battled through six and two-thirds before calling on Santiago Casilla who delivered a near-heroic 7th inning bases loaded jam escape and spotless 8th. The A's cruised into the 9th with a 5-3 lead, ready to add to the win column for the first time on the trip. But it wasn't meant to be.

As amazing as the Mother's Day comeback was in Oakland, with Bradley's game-tying shot and Cust's blast to win it, today's game was deathly. Would-be closer Alan Embree didn't just not close out the game, he gave it away in grand fashion, with a bow, and pre-addressed postage. Out. Walk. Out. Walk. Double. Walk. Homer. Game.

What could have been the collective release of a week's worth of frustration was evaporated and made all that more toxic in a few short minutes. What could have been a step back on the road to respectability in the standings was instead a kick in the stomach. And seriously... I'll try not to swear.