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Open Game Thread: Game 76 - A's at Cleveland

The A's, behind 9-2 Dan Haren, ace of the staff, sporting a ridiculous 1.78 ERA, hope to snap their road skid this afternoon by taking on Cliff Lee, who tries to take down the league's leading Cy Young candidate, despite a relatively pedestrian 4-4 record and puffy 5.46 ERA.

While our "reporters on the ground" haven't yet broken the cone of silence and revealed the contents of today's team meeting, we hope all players have come out unscathed. We don't want to learn of any injuries being added due to "heated discussions."


Your 2007 Oakland Athletics

Stewart (LF)
Ellis (2B)
Swisher (RF)
Chavez (3B)
Crosby (SS)
Johnson (1B)
Kotsay (CF)
Kendall (C)

Their 2007 Cleveland Indians

Sizemore (CF)
Blake (3B)
Martinez (C)
Hafner (DH)
Peralta (SS)
Garko (1B)
Nixon (RF)
Michaels (LF)
Barfield (2B)