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An Early Decision

I don't know about you, but I thought that the game was immediately over as soon as Sabathia got Nick Swisher to fly out to end the second. It isn't often that you get a pitcher like Sabathia on the ropes so early. The A's had the chance to blow this game wide open early and then a timely visit to the mound in the second inning after Barfield's error seemed to give Sabathia renewed life. He looked like a completely different pitcher the rest of the game. The third inning was clearly an indication that things had gone south for the A's when he got Chavez, Cust and Crosby to strike out swinging in a row.

You just had to know that the Indians were going to come back from that and put up a big-time fight. Baseball doesn't seem to have traditional "momentum" shifter that other sports do. Particularly because the hitting aspect and defensive aspects don't shift as quickly as sports like football where you can get an interception or hockey where you can score a goal late in a period or basketball where you can go on a 12-0 run.

You'd like to say that Sabathia is the reason the A's were pretty pitiful offensively, but you just can't say that right now. The offensive struggles have been brutal and largely up and down the lineup.

Gaudin did something tonight that seemed to definitely reinforce the fact that he's tired. He really hung a slider to Hafner and when Gaudin is on, he doesn't hang many pitches. Part of me thinks it might not be a bad idea to give Gaudin a rest the next start out and maybe start someone like Braden in his place. I think that's what happens when pitchers get tired is that they tend to hang more of their breaking stuff. I know that doesn't make things any better because Braden hasn't exactly been lights out. But it's clear to me that Gaudin is tired and isn't used to the heavy load he's had this first half of the season. Maybe the All Star Break gives him some good rest, but I think he could use a little more.

So the A's are on four losses in a row now on this brutal road trip. They turn to ace and hopefully stopper Danny Haren tomorrow. That's what aces are supposed to do, right? Right?