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Daric Barton's time is now... or not?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I was actually going to advocate for something similar to this in my post today. In particular, I really want to see Suzuki and Barton get some experience with the A's right now. I think it can only help the team both now AND in the future to get these guys some experience. In other words, it's not really impacting the lineup greatly to be removing the guys who are there now. You pretty much have nowhere to go but up. - Blez]

It isn't as if Dan Johnson isn't at least adequate at first base, but Daric Barton is hitting so well in Sacramento that the A's may pretty much be forced in to making a move.

Daric Barton's June numbers are quite impressive:

82 ABs, .512 BA, 13 2B, 1 HR, 7 BB, .578 OBP, .732 SLG.

In addition, he has had at least two hits in each of his last nine games. Over that span he has just one walk, but raised his batting average from .274 to .330.

Barton has hit .344/.425/.541 against righies vs .298/.410/.393 vs lefties. A platoon would be nice, but Johnson also favors the righies as well. Mike Piazza's career OPS against lefties is nearly 100 points higher than lefties, so maybe a platoon could be worked a little there.

Many people probably know he has been playing a little at third base this year, but his results haven't been too encouraging. He has been solid at first base, but nine errors in 49 chances at third base won't displace Chavez anytime soon.

So decide for yourself. Trade home runs for doubles and gain some OBP. Or maybe he sucks or maybe he goes nuts and tears it up.

Hell if i know.