the Milton Bradley appreciation thread

OK, well, we can spend the rest of the season trying to figure out why Billy Beane DFA'd him.  We can volley the theories back & forth like a badminton shuttlecock, the injuries, the trade that fell through, the up-and-comers like Buck, Snelling & Cust. The potential divisive anger that might boil over from diminished playing time in a contract year.  That's all fine and I've been enjoying reading it in the main page items and their attendant comments.

This page is about voicing an appreciation for the play and passion of this marvelous athlete, who I and we really enjoyed watching and who gave us all innumerable thrills in his time here.  The AN day walkoff last year, the run to the playoffs (without him it doesn't happen), the vital performance in Game 3 of the ALDS, the ALCS where he went 9-for-18 (no one else did anything) and wept when we lost.

If Milton Bradley is somehow reading this, I would want him to know that he was appreciated here, at least by the diehards like us who watch and follow every pitch in every inning in every game like we do.  Whatever the reasons, him not being a part of this team takes a little of the sparkle and swagger away.

Your memories, photos & observations of MB below, if you please.