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Not A Game For the Archives

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Well, we got out-pitched, out-defended, and out-hit tonight. Hard to like anything about the game, except Shannon Stewart's homerun...until the eighth, at least, and the Rich Harden sighting! Questions abound: Will Harden close? Is Street out longer than we thought? Would he really be demoted when he comes back, provided Harden is a dominant closer? Would A's management really work Harden as a starter? I would say that Tom Glavine was on tonight and to let it go, but I am worried about our pitching. Hope we can recapture some of the June magic in the next couple of days--this wasn't the best way to kick off this road trip.

On a personal note, as it looks like Milton Bradley was traded to the Royals, I would publicly like to thank him for his time here at Oakland. I don’t know what happened to have it end like this, but I want him to know that he was absolutely my favorite A’s player while he was here.

In addition to the thrilling on-the-field moments that Milton provided for us on more than one occasion--his homerun to beat the Blue Jays on AN Day, his Mother’s Day homerun to tie the game, his performance in the ALCS last year--I found Milton to be wonderful to fans off the field, as well.

The single time I was able to meet Milton Bradley was at the Robert Buan show late last year. Ron Washington had a conflict that did not allow him to be the featured guest, and an intern was sent into the locker room in search of a player. The only one left was Milton, who was only a day removed from an emotional outburst on the field. The intern asked if he would be a guest on the show, and sign autographs for fan, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Milton was gracious, and friendly, and very complementary of the fans in Oakland, and thanked us for our support all year. I have no doubt that he enjoyed played for us, as the fans, and he will miss us like we miss him.

I’m not going to question the decision; I simply do not have enough information, but it would be awfully disingenuous of me to have anything else to say to Milton than "Thank you for playing for the A’s. Good luck with your future. You will be missed, and never forgotten."