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"Overloaded wtih Outfielders"

Buster Olney was just on ESPNEWS Hotlist discussing the DFA with Milton Bradley. He said that he had just spoken with Billy Beane and Billy told him that Oakland is overloaded with outfielders and they knew that on the horizon there was going to wind up being a playing time issue with Milton because of Travis Buck's emergence, Kotsay's return from the DL and Nick Swisher being an outfielder. They thought that it would be an issue with Milton down the road so let's designate him for assignment now and look to make the best deal.

Olney went on to say that reading into it (and not something that Billy said to him), but Milton Bradley is an emotional guy who has had a lot of blowups. Olney felt like Beane probably didn't want him on the team in the case where he isn't playing everyday or has to share playing time. In other words, heading trouble off before it starts.

Olney was then asked by the host what team would take a chance on him and Buster replied that he thought that San Diego desperately needs an outfielder right now, but he also said that Bradley's emotions are a factor when considering acquiring a guy like him.

So I would imagine that is what's going to come out of the phone call with Beane and the press. Billy is going to say that he understands that Bradley wouldn't want to be a platoon or part-time player, even if it increased his chances of remaining healthy. And few can argue that Bradley wouldn't have been a problem if he wasn't starting on a regular basis.

Any way, this is the first person who has actually chatted with Billy Beane I've heard quoted.