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This Homer You Odyssey

A lot of Bailey followed by a little Coffey--pretty much like every Tuesday night in my house. Kinda like watching Chavez eagerly go after the first pitch ("Hey, here's one I can definitely pop up!") and watching Crosby take fastballs for strikes and then chase sliders away. Ah well.

This game was decided, as it turned out, in the top of the second inning when Gaudin coughed up three runs in a rally started by the almighty walk. Credit Gaudin with settling down and keeping the A's in the game. Then credit Homer Bailey--who couldn't legally drink his own name two months ago--even more with shutting down what has to be one of the top two offenses in the entire Bay Area.

The reality is, the A's needed to better than 3-3 at home against St. Louis and Cincinnati and now that's the best they can do. The good news is it looks like Oakland is about to get much needed boosts from Milton Bradley (tomorrow or Friday), and Rich Harden (Friday or Saturday). The bad news is, you're waiting for the two guys whose track records most say "Enjoy them while you can." I have no illusions that Bradley and Harden will stay healthy for more than a few minutes upon their respective returns. But if they did...No, can't think that way. Still...No, just forget it. Yet...

Eh, to heck with it. Baseball is built on hope, especially the irrational kind. Bring on Uncle Milty, bring on the Canadian Express--we coulda used both of them tonight, fo' shizzle.