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Leggo My Lugo

I only wish that I could have titled this "You're Pulling My Lugo!"

Lucky Lenny was bound to lose his shamrock at some point sooner rather than later. Geren didn't really have any choice but to yank DiNardo early.

And I think one can defend Geren's use of Lugo in the abstract and in the specific timing.

And to be fair, there were a few bleeders off of Lugo.

Yes, Chavvy's newest bout of Bradleyitis necessitated the call-up of Furmaniak (is he a Dian Arbus devotee?), which in turn dictated that an extra roster spot be opened up -- and with the coming OF/DH/1B crush, it pretty much came down to taking someone out of the pen.

But that doesn't make the decision -- or the result -- any easier to accept.

So ... Beane essentially swapped Witasick and Erasmo Ramirez (presuming someone snags Ramirez off waivers, which seems bloody likely) for Lugo. Not sure exactly what the Brain Trust was thinking there.

As a medium-to-long-term Gaudin/Cruz-type live-arm/dead-head low-risk/high-reward reclamation project, Lugo makes sense.

As a major-league bullpen arm, not so much.

On the bright side, Ellis and Swisher both got some snap back in their swings, Cust has started smashing non-fastballs into fair territory, and Suzuki had an excellent day at the plate in his first major-league start.