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In The Big Inning

First there was Mark Ellis and Ellis looked up to the sky and he said, "O mighty God what shall I do" and She replied, "Thou must show patience," and so Ellis showed patience and he did walk. And then Ellis begat Cust and Cust did hit safely and the fans were happy because none had hit safely before and there was much rejoicing. And then Cust begat Kendall and Kendall begat Buck and Buck begat Kotsay and Kotsay begat Swisher and Swisher begat Chavez and still there was not an out and six runs had scored and it was good because runs were needed and there was much rejoicing. And in the 8th inning, Haren rested. And Haren rested knowing that his men had now scored not less than 14 times and as he rested, suddenly he thought, "Hey, I kinda look like Jesus" and this post was a bit ironic.

And then Scott Spiezio pitched and there was much mirth. (Little known fact: Scott Spiezio owns a copy of my first album, "Soft Shoulder," which was released in 1993 when Spiezio was on the A's single-A team where I was the play-by-play announcer. This fact is little known because no one cares.)

So the unflappable A's just keep rolling along, now 11-3 in June, 8-2 in interleague play, and just 4 games out of first place. You wonder what it would take to make them think they couldn't compete with other teams' full rosters. Enjoy the ride, because over the past few years we've seen 20 wins in a row, and we've seen a stretch of .800 ball for two months, and so it's saying something when I suggest that what the A's are doing right now is pretty astonishing.