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Well, This Is Something New and Different

UPDATE: There has been an email change to sign up for AN Day. Please see the diary on the right. If you have sent a payment within the last 24 hours, please re-send to the new address.

Danny Haren: Hello? Team? I pitch for seven innings again; I only allow two runs again, and you leave me with another ND. Thanks a heap.

Well, I was praising DJ, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, about being in the lineup today, and it turned out his homerun was the only offensive damage the A’s could do in the game. They tried valiantly to get Haren in line for the win in the seventh, but a botched play at the plate saw Jason Kendall tagged out to end the inning.

What can I say? You score two runs against the Royals; I can’t think of a real reason why you should win the game. Blame Duke if you want, but the real blame lies with the A’s offense. Again.