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Open Thread: Game 32 - A's at Kansas City

Despite the easy jokes that can be made at both of these teams’ expense, tonight’s game is set up to be a pretty legitimate pitcher’s duel. Normally, I’d say something like, ‘well that means the final score will be 13-11’, but do you really think that’s likely?

Danny Haren (3-2, 1.75 ERA), who actually saw his ERA rise by giving up two runs in seven innings during his last start, looks to keep up his frankly amazing pitching against KC tonight. He will be opposed by Gil Meche (3-1, 2.23 ERA), who is also pitching very well, posting a 2-0 record with a 1.32 ERA in his last five starts.

It feels like Christmas morning to me every time the A’s lineups are announced, since I don’t have any idea what (or who) to expect. I just know I don’t want socks. And yes, that means you, Jason. Sorry.

For Oakland (16-15):

Stewart, LF
Ellis, 2B
Chavez, 3B
Swisher, RF
Johnson, 1B
Crosby, SS
Cust, DH
Kendall, C
Snelling, CF

DJ is back! (And I never thought I'd be excited about that this season!)

For the KC Royals (10-23):

Pena we go!