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Back On The Sunny Side

The A's are on the sunny side of .500 on the backs of their terrific starting pitchers and fabulous no-names. Now if you've ever had your Johnson hurt, you know you're not going to be in a mood to celebrate until that issue is resolved.

Johnson left for a pinch hitter in the 8th inning of a 6-1 game, and it's hard to find a strategic reason you would send Todd Walker up to bat for Dan Johnson since they are essentially the same hitter except that Johnson is hot right now. Hopefully, the A's were just that desperate to get Walker an at bat, or DJ ate at Applebees last night, or something else that isn't as horrific as A's fans have been conditioned to fear.

Meanwhile, back in Positiveland, Chad Gaudin is staking his claim to legitimacy, following some small-sample brilliance followed by some smaller-sample coming back to earth. Gaudin not only mowed down the Royals' lineup, he lasted 8 innings and can no longer be considered a reliever who is spot-starting. He is officially a member of the "Big 5" (a group that includes weekly performances by Joe Kennedy in which somehow he only allows one run), those guys who give up about 2.5 runs/game and have allowed a team of pickup softball players (see morning thread) to win more than half their games. And, if things roll right as the evening wears on, enjoy a share of first place. Whoda thunkit?

UPDATE: Dan Johnson left the game with a "bruised thumb". It is not believed to be serious, but Johnson has still been advised not to hitchhike for at least a week.