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The Season in a Nutshell

All small-sample-size caveats aside, today's 3-2 12-inning loss to the Rays seems representative of the A's season thus far, especially regarding the secondary rate/frequency statistics.

Batting average? 10/42 on the day, for a .238 average. Not good, but a rate that can be overcome in the long run by ...

On-base percentage. With 8 walks and an HBP, the A's today had a .373 OBP. Respectable, especially for a full team. OK, so we got men on base -- what it takes to drive 'em in is ...

Slugging percentage. With 9 singles and 1 double, the A's SLG was a whopping .262. Yes, that's an ISO of .024. Eeyowch.

And that's the A's offense in a nutshell: bad AVG, respectable OBP, pathetic SLG.

Add in the usual sterling starting pitching, generally good defense, and decent-but erratic bullpen, you have a representative A's game: tight, low-scoring, and decided by whichever team gets the most extra-base hits.