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Open Thread: Thursday Thoughts

It’s time for some random thoughts.

  • Yes, we’re now into May, but I just wanted to look back at the A’s starting pitching and just how great it was in April. It really had an unprecedented run in Oakland history. The A’s starting pitching only allowed more than four runs in exactly one game in April and that was Dallas Braden’s second start. And from April 4 to 26, the A’s starters allowed three runs or less. That’s 20 consecutive games and the longest run in A’s history. Just think about all the amazing starting pitching the A’s have had through the years from the teams in the 70s up until the Big Three. Course that Major League leading 2.41 ERA from the starters only meant that the A’s pitchers wound up with an 8-8 record through the end of April. Imagine if Harden had been healthy the entire month…sigh.
  • That obviously highlights the A’s issues with hitting. Just one quick note on that…the A’s .230 average in April was the lowest of any Oakland club in one month since 1982.
  • Someone please arrest Billy Beane for grand larceny. How can he turn a player like Langerhans into Snelling? I know that for many this looks like a bench player for a bench player, but Beane essentially gave the A’s options once the team eventually gets healthy. Snelling is two years younger than Langerhans and has a better career OBP than Langerhans. I believe Snelling has option left as well if the A’s can ever get healthy. The only thing that Langerhans has over Snelling is that he’s supposed to be a better defender and in exactly TWO games with the A’s, Langerhans already muffed an easy play. I really, really like the deal whereas I was pretty ambivalent about Langerhans.
  • So, seriously, the A’s went from missing Swisher and Bradley to now they are suddenly going to also be missing Piazza? You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but I just find my jaw dropping to the ground every time it happens. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the A’s decimated and subpar lineup has been decimated even further. At least the A's are getting a chance to see what they have in the minors.
  • Don’t forget that AN Day IV: A New Hope is coming. Baseballgirl is still accepting reservations and it’s essential that we get at least 50 people signed up asap. We’ve got about 42 so far so we only need eight more for now.

That's it. Go forth and discuss, ANers.