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Yes, tonight was all about redemption for so many A's, it was a sweet night to see.

First and foremost, Colby Lewis, the guy who started his Major League career as a Ranger, wound up getting a measure of revenge on his former club by pitching out of a huge jam in the eighth inning and only giving up one run. But more than that, he came back from getting whacked his last time out with the A's.

Even though he pitched very well his last time out against the Rangers, Gaudin wound up getting a no decision in his last matchup with Tejeda and the Rangers. He pitched very well once again tonight and got himself a win.

The much-maligned bullpen wormed its way out of a jam to nail this one down for Gaudin whereas the last time the A's played the Rangers, that wasn't the case. Alan Embree pitched an uneventful ninth thanks to a fantastic catch by Swisher. If he hadn't caught it, that Michael Young at -bat suddenly becomes a lot more interesting than it was.

Jack Cust, who had a quick rise to meteoric star in the East Bay, was seemingly falling from grace just as quickly and he got a key double tonight.

Eric Chavez, who has become the bullseye for A's fans anger over the struggling offense, hit a bomb and had a late double that should've provided an insurance run, but alas it didn't.

And Bobby Crosby continues to climb out of that abyss his young career seemed to be spiraling down.

And Jason Kendall...goodness, Jason, he almost joined the redemption crew himself, but it wasn't meant to be. He's going to have to wait for that, I guess.

It all adds up the A's getting a game closer to the Angels and the calendar ticking one day closer to June which is where we all know that the A's frequently find their season redeemed on an annual basis.