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Open Thread: Game 47 - A's at Baltimore

Those unstreaky A's--always between two games over .500 and two games under--are in Baltimore, hoping to jump on the back of league ERA leader Danny Haren. Lefty Erik Bedard is the opposing pitcher, as he was when Haren defeated the Orioles at Camden Yards 6-5 earlier this year. In that game, Bedard retired the first 9 before the A's got to him and actually knocked him out in the 5th inning. That was the game in which Melvin Mora executed the ultimate "safety squeeze"--the one where after refusing to score from second on a 48 hopper up the middle, Corey Patterson doesn't run home from third even after the ball is hit--and Miguel Tejada bounced out with the bases loaded to end the game.

No Chavy again tonight, but the A's are hopeful he will play tomorrow. Erasmo Ramirez is the new Connor Robertson, and Lenny DiNardo has been named Tuesday's starter. Other than that, business as usual. With these lineups:

Stewart LF
Swisher RF
Johnson 1B
Cust DH
Crosby SS
Ellis 2B
Scutaro 3B
Kendall C
Bocachica CF

Roberts 2B
Markakis RF
Tejada SS
Huff 3B
Hernandez C
Gibbons DH
Millar 1B
Patterson CF
Payton LF