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ANers, Step Up to Interview Bob Geren

Yes, you read that right. This will be a first for Athletics Nation. The chance for ANers to collectively interview the A’s manager during the season.

A’s manager Bob Geren has agreed to an interview with me and I’m turning to Athletics Nation to get that interview done. I’m opening up this thread for ANers to submit questions for Mr. Geren. Here is your chance to ask the A’s manager about your green and gold.

There is a caveat. I can only submit 15 questions so I’m going to have to select the best 15 questions. I would suggest you only submit the best question in your mind rather than throwing a bunch up there, but that’s up to you.

Submit your questions below and I’ll get them to Mr. Geren. The interview with the A’s manager will appear soon after that.

So what are you still reading for? Submit away!!!