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Open Thread: Game 46 - A's at Chicago

To put it in the simplest terms possible; in baseball, there are three things that are really bad:

  1. Losing players to injuries
  1. Losing games
  1. Having the team who is leading your division reel off a non-stop winning streak

Unfortunately, we are mired in the worst case of #1 I’ve ever seen, we can’t seem to put together enough offense and enough pitching on the same day to win a game, and the Angels are not losing. We are fast sliding off a cliff, and by the time we get our ‘healthy’ team back, it may be too late to salvage the season. The A’s must find a way to win some games here, and we can only hope that the Tigers and Yankees can somehow stop the Angels; if nothing else than to stave them off just a little while longer...say...15 or 60 days.

It’s not like we aren’t scoring runs, because we are, but we need a little of the pitching mojo that we had in April. Gaudin takes the mound for a very important start tonight against the White Sox and Jon Garland. Come out, come out, wherever you are, Oakland fans. We need something to cheer about.

Starting Lineups

Your Waiting-For-The-Other-Shoe-To-Drop Semi-Healthy Members Of The 2007 Oakland Athletics:

Stewart LF
Swisher CF
Johnson 1B
Cust DH
Crosby SS
Buck RF - Just kidding. Late Scratch. Bocachica. <sigh>
Ellis 2B
Scutaro 3B
Kendall C

Chavez is out again today. Well, on the bright side, at least we don’t have three lefties in a row lined up.

The Much More Healthy Chicago White Sox Who Really Need To Lose Today:


All together now....LET’S GO OAK-LAND!