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Bad Luck + Bad Skill: Bad Situation

The luck...By the time it was 2-0, the A's had hit well enough to score at least one run, and by the time it was 6-0, the A's had hit well enough to score at least 3-4 runs. In that regard, if the A's didn't have bad luck tonight they wouldn't have any luck at all. And everything else is about how the A's roster has finally caught up to them; you can only play .500 ball for so long with half of your key players injured.

The skill...It's hard to find a pitcher who makes you pine for Ryan Glynn, but our exhaustive search has been fruitful. Which is to say that when you surrender 12 hits and 10 ER in 3.1 innings, the fruit will be flying in your direction. You know that ad where the baseball flies towards you and then just stops and sits there for a moment? Lewis' fastball is kind of like that. Some fastballs have "giddyup," but tonight anyway, we saw a fastball with "giddydown". We expected better from Colby Lewis--the guy came in with a career ERA of 6.76, not 27.00.

There were two positives, along with the solid hitting from Scutaro and continued solid hitting from Stewart. One was the work of Lenny DiNardo, who very well could be Monday's or Tuesday's starter. The other was Bobby Crosby, who has now put together a full month of excellent play at the plate and in the field, one of his very finest since June, 2005. Right now, we'll take the positives where we can get them.

All of which leaves me with just one thing to say: WHITE SOX SUCK! WHITE SOX SUCK! WHITE SOX...