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Open Thread: Game 43 - A's vs. Giants

Well, after losing three out of four games to the Kansas City Royals to drop their record back to .500, it looked like May would rear its ugly head in Oakland (albeit a little later than usual) once again. But the A’s, despite being down a few outfielders, a few starting pitchers, and a closer, have managed to take the first two games of the series from the San Francisco Giants and take the field today looking for the sweep.

Joe Kennedy and his paltry 2.53 ERA will take the mound, suggesting that a) we might have been wrong about his Spring Training woes carrying on over to the regular season and b) by sporting a 1-2 record, he is as much of a victim of the A’s offensive woes as Haren has been. Haren got his win yesterday; can Kennedy do the same?

SF’s Matt Morris is having a nice little season of his own, and in a classic case of small sample size, it turns out that our own Bobby Crosby has three hits in three at bats against him. Let’s hope the offense picks up where it left off on Friday night. I might cry if we leave the bases loaded again.


San Francisco:



Buck, LF
Swisher, CF
Johnson, 1B
Cust, DH
Chavez, 3B
Crosby, SS
Ellis, 2B
Kendall, C
Bocachica, RF