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Open Thread: Game 41 - A's vs. Giants

Barry Zito takes the mound tonight for--did I say "for" out of habit? Sorry!--against the Oakland A's tonight. The A's plan is generally to drive the pitch count up and get to the opposing bullpen early...Hmmm...Should be interesting.

Meanwhile for the A's, Chad Gaudin gets the call, with plenty of incentive to conserve pitches and throw 9 innings. Ron Flores is the latest savior (literally and figuratively) in place of Dallas Braden, who was optioned yesterday to Sacramento. Flores joins Witasick, Calero, Embree, Marshall, and DiNardo as guys who have no business trying to save a game.

The starting lineups:

Winn - CF
Frandsen - 2B
Lewis - RF
Bonds - DH
Klesko - 1B
Molina - C
Feliz - 3B
Visquel - SS
Ortmeier - LF

Stewart - LF
Swisher - Middle Field
Chavez - 3B
Johnson - 1B
Cust - DH
Crosby - SS
Ellis - 2B
Buck - RF
Kendall - C