Is Nick Swisher becoming the new clubhouse leader?

It seems that after any big hit or big homerun, Swisher is the first one to go congratulate the player who got the big hit.  He just got an extension that will be paying him a lot more money, and it just seems like he is slowly taking a bigger leadership role on the team.  Does anyone else see this or am I just blowing smoke?  Because if it's true, I'm very happy to see that.  I love Chavvy and Kendall, but Chavez and Kendall aren't going to get anyone excited to go play, and Chavvy especially is the one who is more likely to tell his teammates that they are not as good as the other team (as he has done before).  I don't think Swisher would EVER admit to his own team that another team is better than them, in fact he's likely to declare his team the best team in the league before that.  I hope Swisher does take over as the team leader sooner rather than later, because we need guys who are going to get other guys fired up to play and win.