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A Duct Tape Victory

The A's had one call go against them last night and had a close call go for them tonight. I was watching the Royals broadcast and they showed the replayed literally about 15 times and I still don't know whether Stewart got in or not.

Regardless, this was a patchwork win with a patchwork bullpen. Marshall pulls a Houdini act after the combination of Witasick and Embree combined to blow the game. And to think, I was thinking about just how important that run that Chavez and Ellis got the A's in the eighth was. Turned out it was because it kept the game going.

The A's absolutely need to do something about the bullpen. If Duchscherer isn't at 100 percent, the A's need a viable closer and we're going to see a lot of great pitching efforts go for naught with that patchwork bullpen at the end.

Any way, another night, another thrilling ending, albeit one that probably never should've gotten to that point.