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POST GAME WRAP THREAD - A little early

Folks, I have to go to bed. When the game is over, please pick the correct storyline and discuss:

A: Whew, at least the A's pulled it out, but man was it hard to watch Embree and Witasick try to save a game while Oakland made three errors and almost literally ran out of players. Gak.

B: It's losses like this that make you realize that right now, the A's are forced to play a roster that's just a little worse than the Royals. Gak.

UPDATE: Still awake, so...what was, ultimately, the key play in the game? I say it was pinch-running for John Buck in the 9th inning. Buck tags Stewart out at the plate; Phillips didn't. Or did he? Eh, the A's were owed one of those. Gak!