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Open Thread: Game 38 - A's vs. Royals

Oh good, now the closer is dead. And the set-up man has an arthritic hip. What's next? Calero can't make it because it's Bingo night? Thank you, Larry Davis and Clarence Cockrell: You can't even keep a young team healthy. I'd rather have the Grim Reaper looking over this team. Oh I should mention: Bradley's hamstring is too sore to play tonight, Buck's wrist is too sore to play tonight, and Snelling's knee is still too sore for him to go, so Marco Scutaro is our RFer. Unless we trade for Langerhans by 7:05pm.

Perhaps my dear mother summed up this season of injuries best when I informed her that sadly, Huston Street had just gone on the DL. Her plaintive reply: "What? He didn't even pitch!" Yes, it has come to that. So sit back, develop carpal tunnel syndrome commenting on the game, and enjoy this battle between Joe Kennedy and Brian Bannister.

These days, there are no "Bash Brothers," just "MASH brothers"--but remarkably Geren has found 9 twitching bodies and they are listed below.

German - 3B
DeJesus - CF
Grudzie - 2B
Teahen - RF
Sweeney - DH
Brown - LF
J. Buck - C
Gordon - 1B
Peña Jr. - SS

Stewart - LF
Swisher - CF
Chavez - 3B
Johnson - 1B
Cust - DH
Crosby - SS
Ellis - 2B
Scutaro - RF
Kendall - C