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We Don't Know Jack

Actually, I'm not sure we know the real Jack Cust. Cust has been a revelation since Billy Beane picked him up from the San Diego Padres. The stats speak for themselves...7 games played, six home runs, 1.546 OPS and one thrilling day yesterday.

My initial thought after watching Cust for the first seven games of his A's career is that he could be the A's answer to David Ortiz. Now, don't misunderstand what I'm saying here. I'm not saying that Cust is Ortiz after seven games in green and gold. Ortiz was a player who flourished only once he got into the right situation and plenty of regular playing time. Ortiz is also a player who didn't really know how to play defense, thus limiting his opportunities to teams in the AL. Cust's swing also reminds me of Ortiz and how he can catch up to the inside fastball.

Now, please do not jump all over me saying I'm jumping to conclusions after seven great games. I'm not saying Cust will be Ortiz. Or even that this incredible tear will continue at all. As usual, Major League pitchers will watch some tape and likely figure out where to pitch Cust to slow him down. The adjustment will come and it will be on Cust to adjust. The truth is that this might just be a footnote in the A's season when we look back on 2007. But so far, I can't help but think of the Boston slugger every time Cust walks to the dish and yesterday he had one of those patented Ortiz moments.

Another byproduct of Cust's tear has been a semi-resurgence of Chavez's bat. It's probably just coincidence, but ever since Cust got into the lineup, Chavez's OPS is .934. Like I said, it could just be a coincidence, but it seems like whenever Chavez has someone like that in the lineup his performance goes up. It might just be the fact that we're getting through the early part of the season and Chavy is just feeling more comfortable as he typically does as the season progresses.

So while we don't know Jack just yet, I certainly am loving the process of getting to know him, aren't you?

By the way, Gettin' Ziggy With It will run tomorrow for those who are looking for it today.