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Open Thread: Game 26 - A's at Red Sox

Good afternoon, and welcome to today’s activity! In case you have been busy tending the sheep, or fighting in this pesky war, I’d like to remind you that little David from Oakland, armed with nothing more than his triple-A offense and his right hand man, Joe Blanton, will be challenging Goliath from Boston in this afternoon’s grudge match. The rules are less fun now that the P.F.D.A. (Philistine Fair Death Act) has been implemented, but the precedent has been set for us to see some blood, most likely on a sandal, in today’s contest.

Well, then. Let’s get started.

Batting for the Red Sox (16-8):

Lugo, SS (.256)
Crisp, CF (.235)
Ortiz, DH (.297)
Ramirez, LF (.202)
Youkilis, 1B (.291)
Lowell, 3B (.314)
Varitek, C (.239)
Hinske, RF (.294)
Pedroia, 2B (.182)

And...batting for your 2007 Oakland Athletics (12-13):

Stewart, LF (.242)
Ellis, 2B (.260)
Chavez, 3B (.270)
Piazza, DH (.274)
Johnson, 1B (.267)
Crosby, SS (.215)
Buck, RF (.190)
Kendall, C (.169)
And making his A’s debut...Langerhans, CF

Pitching Matchup:

Joe Blanton (RHP) 2-1, 3.55 ERA
Curt Schilling (RHP) 3-1, 3.27 ERA

I’ll make a deal with the offense. I won’t remember that it’s the first game of May, if they don’t remember that they don’t hit well. we go!