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Open Thread - Game 7 - A’s at Angels

Well, first of all, if you are an Easter-y person, Happy Easter! If you’re not, well then, Happy Second Sunday of the Baseball Season!

Either way, the A’s take on the Angels again this afternoon at 12:35. I’m told there will be an Easter Egg Hunt in Anaheim after the game, so if you want to participate, I’d get on a plane now. I’m personally hoping for the Easter Bunny to rough up Lackey a little bit in the dugout. That would be fun.

I’m tired of not scoring, and Joe Blanton likes runs. I think we should score some today. We just need to ignore little details like our RISPy-impaired offense and Blanton’s 0-6 record against the Angels (but he’s actually pitched pretty well against them with a 3.77 ERA). Blanton faces off against Kelvim Escobar in what will probably end up another one-run game. The trouble is; I’m not sure whether to predict 2-1 or 10-9.

One advantage that the A’s do have is that Escobar can be wild, so they may have additional baserunners via the walk. I’d make him throw some pitches. And if you’re looking for good news about the offense, I have two words for you: Mike Piazza.

After a brutal game last night, I think all of us could use a nice win today.



Your 2007 Oakland Athletics

  1. Jason Kendall (C)
  1. Shannon Stewart (LF)
  1. Milton Bradley (CF)
  1. Mike Piazza (DH)
  1. Eric Chavez (3B)
  1. Nick Swisher (1B)
  1. Bobby Crosby (SS)
  1. Travis Buck (RF)
  1. Mark Ellis (2B)

The Fallen Angels of Anaheim and the Surrounding Area

  1. Gary Matthews Jr. (CF)
  1. Orlando Cabrera (SS)
  1. Vladmir Guerrero (RF)
  1. Garrett Anderson (LF)
  1. Casey Kotchman (1B)
  1. Howie Kendrick (2B)
  1. Macier Izturis (3B)
  1. Mike Napoli (C)
  1. Erick Abyar (DH)