Fire Geren!!

Am I to Harsh?
First impresions are everything and right now he's not making a very good one. First of all the line up. Why does Kendall continue to bat leadoff? I thought that was a Macha blunder , but I guess its a Geren blunder now. Start Rich Harden on opening day!!! Not on the third game of the series!! Now were screwed for the Angles series. Insted of winning on opening day, and gaining momentum  were forced to venture into the unkown with Chad, and Joe. Why yank your rookie who just slammed a double the previous game for a scrub like Kielty. Let the that momentuim carry over into a three run homer for the kid. Last, but not least Never- I mean- Never take your starting pitcher out {83 Pitches} after the team battled back to tie the game for him. Let Kentucky Fried Joe at least give up a run first. At the same time your giving the bullpenn some much needed time to warm up. Very Lame.  I know its early, but god I hate seeing yuneski betincourt hit a tie breaking homerun against anyone let alone us. The HoneyMoon is over Macha I Mean Geren time to play ball!!! Later