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Are you one of the 5,000?

iN Demand Extra Innings goes Extra Innings

So after five years of being able to watch the A’s almost every single night on television, I am forced to start the season not knowing where my next A's game is going to come from. I have the Angels' series on TV, only because I live in Los Angeles, and I plan on trying MLB.TV for the five day free trial next week, but after that, I have no idea what to do.

According to Selig last week, there are only about 5,000 of us that are struggling with this problem.

"DIRECTV estimates that there are relatively few viewers – no more than three percent of the cable segment (approximately 180,000 Extra Innings subscribers) – who cannot receive DIRECTV service," Carey said. "This translates to roughly 5,000 subscribers – each of whom can access the games over the Internet."

Well, isn't that a presumptuous statement? This assumes one can cancel their current cable package, have a satellite installed at their place of residence, and order DirecTV, or get high-speed internet and order MLB.TV. Whatever happened to just turning on the television and getting baseball? Why is this so hard?

The Biz of Baseball wants to hear stories from those of us who are stuck in baseball limbo right now, although for me it's not so much limbo as it is hell. I just want to watch baseball, and at this point, price isn't really an object. I'd pay twice, maybe even three times as much as I did last year if I could just watch the games with my current set-up.

This stand-off has to be resolved soon, or DirecTV has already won. I would think that this can't last more than a week without cable users being forced to make different decisions.

But for now...we wait.

UPDATE: The phone number of Major League Baseball is 212-931-7800. Call and ask to be connected to the Commissioner's office if you want to vent to a live person. I'd sure appreciate the help.

Rich Harden (!!!!!) takes the mound tonight at 7:05 PST against the Mariners as the A's try to salvage one game of the opening series