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Operation "End The Radio Delay" - PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Note: Some new contact info has been added, as of 1:47pm PDT

Folks, there is power in numbers and I’m asking for you to be part of taking action against a stupid policy CBS Radio intentionally puts on the A’s broadcasts as part of a general policy to guard against unwanted profanity and breast exposure—neither of which is a big risk when Ken Korach is at the mike. The only incentive for CBS Radio to pay attention to its listeners, the only incentive to actually change the policy is “losing money,” and so my mission is to make sure CBS Radio hears, as many times as possible, that this policy will lose them money.

I have provided a sample letter you can just cut and paste if you want, and I have provided contact info to mail, fax, or email those who need to be bombarded with correspondences. Please don’t let “someone else bother” to take action. Everyone who posts or lurks on AN has a chance to add to the numbers; if you agree the delay is stupid and unnecessary then help pressure CBS Radio on behalf of those whose experience—while watching on TV, watching at the game, or just wanting to hear what happens when it actually happens—is being significantly compromised. Thank you.

Dear A’s Radio Affiliates,

I am writing to express that the delay on A’s radio broadcasts is both unacceptable and unnecessary. There is no real risk of problems like obscenities, etc. being aired, and the delay utterly ruins the listening experience for fans who are at the game or who wish to listen to the radio while watching the game on TV. Much of your radio audience falls into one of these two groups.

The bottom line is this: By making the radio broadcasts unlistenable you are losing listeners and cheating your advertisers. If the problem is not rectified soon, I intend to forward a copy of this complaint to each of the A’s key sponsors to inform them that they are losing scores of listeners like me.

There is no need for this delay. It is forcing fans like me to stop listening—and that’s bad for everyone. Please do the sensible thing and allow fans to hear the game as it is actually happening.


How to send your correspondence:

Send a letter, or make a phone call, to:

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Karen L. Mateo
Vice President, Communications
(212) 846-7638

Whitney Pray
Communications Coordinator
(212) 846-3906

Send a letter, fax, or email to:

KIFR 106.9 FM
865 Battery St., 2nd floor
S.F., CA 94111
attn: Jason Insalaco, Program Director

Fax number: (415) 403-8545

Email address:

Send an email to:

KYOU – 1550 AM

Email by going to and clicking on “contact us”