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-Strike through- called!


Well, once again, the A's batters failed to show show up for the game ... um, wait a sec.

{fiddles with rabbit ears}

The A's got a few baserunners on, but couldn't come up with timely 2 out/2 strike hits ... hold on.

{pounds on top, sides of TV}

The A's short relievers gave up a handful of late game runs, thereby losing the slim 1 run lead to which the team had been clinging all day ... uhhhh, no that's not it.


The A's, ah ... lost another outfielder to injury!

{holds breath; glances around nervously at obviously deranged, mendacious electronic devices}

Yeah, that's it. I knew there was a coal-black kernel of negativity to treasure from today's game.

So, yeah ... Chavvy goes all bobblehead on the oppo, Dan Haren continues to demonstrate that he's the most valuable player on the roster, Crosby continues to demonstrate improvements at the plate, the A's justifiably punished a poor and struggling pitcher. Today was a nice salve for the wounds of the last week.

But we still ain't gonna be facing Fossum regularly ...