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Stewart, Putnam, And Scutaro For Crying Out Loud!

Pretty much the standard A's fare:

* Injury to key player, preferably the current centerfielder: check.

* Key run-producing at-bats are an inning-ending DP ball, a routine grounder to second, and a walk: check.

* Overused bullpen features a couple shaky performances and a pitcher throwing for the third day in a row: check.

* A's starting pitcher gives up 3 runs or fewer, certainly nothing in the first inning: check.

* In first place for another day, somehow: check.

Then again, Alan Embree didn't pitch, so that was different. Speaking of different, our current outfield of Shannon Stewart, Danny Putnam, and Marco Scutaro is probably a tad off from our pre-season prognostications--which likely also didn't have Chad Gaudin or Dallas Braden starting. It's so absurd, it's funny, especially since unlike May, 2005 the A's are actually holding their own and then some. For now.

Right now the A's are doing it with mirrors--apparently the same mirrors that someone dropped less than 7 years ago. Gawd.