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ANtics 2007: The Board Game

Ever want to try your hand at running the 2007 Oakland A's? Want to challenge a friend? Well, the ANtics have made it ever so easy! Simply find two player tokens (buttons and coins will do), a single six sided die, and some serious fandom, and you're on your way.

Instructions and Game Boards Below:

Click to See Larger Game Board

Simple Rules:

  1. Roll the dice to see who goes first. Highest number leads off.
  1. If you land on a square with instructions, follow those instructions. If you land on a photo, then bask in the glory that is A's baseball!

Special Squares:

  1. If you land in the special "Two Minute Thank You Speech" square, your opponent must time your speech and ensure it passes for you to advance.
  1. If you land on the "Playoff Square", you're incredibly lucky! Roll high, and you can avoid the early rounds of the playoffs!

The Playoffs:

  1. Unless you are advanced to a further series in the special "Playoffs Square", you must play all three rounds of the playoffs, provided your dice are lucky. For example, rolling a six does not get you to the World Series from the ALDS. It only guarantees you made the ALCS, but keep the momentum up!

Winning the Game:

  1. The first player to advance and become World Champs wins.
  1. If neither team makes it to World Champs, whomever goes further in the playoffs wins. What? You expected you had a 50/50 chance of wininng? What team have you been following?

Want a full, high resolution copy you can play with at home?
Download the 1 Megabyte PDF for your own enjoyment!

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